Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bloggers Block.

So, I really do apologize for the lack of posting, I have just had a bad case of bloggers block.

So let me ask you...
What do you do when you are totally out of ideas for posting?

Lately, I have gotten very interested in the iPod (maybe due to my recent purchase of the iPod Mini,) and the history, and future of such a device. Apple seemed to really grab this idea and go, and I'm glad. I am just more or less interested in why the iPod is so popular. There are many other hard drive players with more features, and longer battery life...maybe it is the user friendly interface, or the finesse of the white on white. Whatever it is, it certainly grabbed me.

Thank you,
Moe The Student


Blogger Nancy McKeand said...

All kinds of people are writing about iPods and similar technology. Maybe you could read other people's posts about them and then share your thoughts on what you read.

Check out this article: http://features.engadget.com/entry/

Maybe you could write about podcasting. What makes a podcast a podcast? Is it different from an audioblog? How could it be used in schools or in other situations.

Anyway, the idea is to read about things you are interested in and then write about it. You'll learn and you will educate your readers. It's pretty cool!

6:38 PM  

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