Monday, April 18, 2005

Right...I am very annoyed.

Even though I am very happy with my new iPod mini, Apple is upsetting me. Bud informed me of a recent arcticle, and collection of mini lessons, of things you can do with an IPOD. They really do make it sound like you only can do these lessons with an iPod. These lessons are also very, very...ridiculous. Such as making songs out of mathematics to help kids learn their math better.

Thank you for reading my rants,
Moe The Student


Blogger Elle said...

Hey, Moe. I think that you have a lot of good points here. But at the same time, so does Apple. Well, Apple doesn't have good points, it has good ideas. Making lessons into songs for kids might make things easier for them when you think about Kingergarten kids, etc..
But, its not right that they make it seem like an iPod is the only thing you can use to do those things.

2:49 PM  

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