Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Distinction Was Made Abundently Clear

I was not aware of the distinction between blogging, and online journaling. blogging teacher made it very clear yesterday. An online journal is a rant, or...a journal I guess. You record your thoughts, you express how you feel about certain things. Honestly, I am very, very confused on the difference, I thought I understood it at the time. I online journal is a place where you can keep thoughts, the exact same thoughts you could keep in a journal under your bed. You can write in it physically. And people can just comment, and tell you "Oh, I'm sorry you had a bad day."
Blogging to me, is a place where you can post your ideas, and your thoughts on certain subjects. You can show the world what you are interested in, and link to certain sites, or other blogs related to your interest. Then the really awesome part comes along...people may comment, and help make your thought process easier. They may comment and tell you, "well, here is really great site," and you will learn more, through the help of other people. Also, you can easily share your thoughts on blogs, debate your separeate opinions. In my opinion, it seems like honestly one of the greatest things to come out of technology. A community of people, sharing there thoughts and interests with other people, over the internet. I hope my thought process is making sense. If not please comment, or please comment if you can help make this line between blogging, and online journaling clearer.
Now, what you just read is my mind running at one million miles an hour. I apologize if I gave you a headache, or made you nauseous. :)
This is what the blogging class...or "Bud's Blogging Experiment," is all about. Teaching students how to further their education, through the world of blogging.

Thank You For Reading,
Moe The Student


Blogger mrsizer said...

Hi Moe,

I'm following all the links about Bud's class. It sounds very cool.

Nice thoughts - horrible design. The font (color and weight) is virtually unreadable. I read your entry by highlighting it to change to colors to something with more contrast.

Keep up the blogging - it's fun!

7:38 PM  

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