Thursday, April 14, 2005

Blog class is just so rad.

So I have been looking around reading my peers blogs, and was particularly interested in what "Tyr" had to say in response to Anne Davis teaching her fifth graders about blogging:
I was instantly curious just to know when this technology would be feasible for a child to understand. Blogging has been defined as many as a 'skill' that needs refining and in some cases will need to be taught, and if this is the case, could this potentially become part of the everyday curriculum such as English or Math? Would this be an elective course like Music or P.E.? I may be misunderestimating the younger generations, but I do feel that weblogging would not be properly utilized until they have matured more. Additionally, even if it was properly described and explained, would a student at the age of ten or eleven be able to grasp the concept of how powerful 'blogging' is? I'm just throwing out ideas here, I want to know what others think.

The thougnt of an eleven year old using the internet, and blogging in such a way does seem somewhat ridiculous. Yet, I do know several young people (ages 11-13) who know html programming, and how to use the internet very well. It seems as time progresses, so does the human race. People are becoming more computer saavy at a younger age. Maybe this is, because they are introduced to computers, and technology at a younger age as well. This is only a theory, please let me know what you think.

Thank you,
Moe The Student


Blogger Tyr'__ said...

Moe, thanks for reading my blog and giving me such a prompt response. Now, I don't feel that 11 year olds should not be allowed to use this technology I just don't know if they would be mentally able to comprehend just what this is. Adults and even more teenagers are incapable of 'blogging' properly, so how could an eleven year old conceivably use it properly? I'm not saying that they couldn't, I just don't necessarily see how it would be utilized. If high school students could potentially misuse this by being immature, wouldn't the probability be that much higher for an elementary student to do the same?

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Blogger Mechelle De Craene said...

Hey Moe,

Great Blog! You're really doing a great job. Guess what? I have an 11-year-old gifted student who blogs. I'll ask his permission to send you the link.

I teach special ed middle school and have a few gifted students in my class. This student is gifted/ADHD and does an awesome job on the computer. He was placed in my class because his other teachers didn't know how to handle him. He's a great kids and very creative. Thus, I think that ed tech really helps kids who may become bored in classes, which don't integrate technology in the classroom.

Alas, your post and the post of Tyr' are very interesting and get me thinking. I'm curious about the following question though when Tyr' says,"Adults and even more teenagers are incapable of 'blogging' properly, so how could an eleven year old conceivably use it properly?" Thus, I was wondering how do you define "proper" blogging? Is there such a thing as "proper" blogging, or is blogging in the eye of the beholder?

It is my contention that "proper" becomes defined when people place a set of rules or customs on something. For example, with educational blogs we are still defining that paradigm (i.e. the potential pedagogical uses). Alas, it seems the blogosphere has become a culture unto itself, and there are subcultures within it. But I digress...

What do you guys think? Do you think there is such a thing as "proper" blogging? If so, wouldn't "proper" be defined by context and expectations(e.g. academic)?

Again, y'all are doing an awesome job and really inspire me as a teacher.

Take Care.

Best Regards,
Mechelle : )

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