Tuesday, April 12, 2005

1. Mostly Bud,
I use my blog to express my feelings, as you have seen, and commented on.
If I am angry, I probably use alot of profanity. It's by habit, and I apologize.
2.I think a blog at school would be useful maybe so students could ask questions about their assignments. Or teachers could post assignments on there blog, along with how they feel about it.
3. There are many potential problems with blogging at school.
People can easily say something offensive, without even knowing themselves that it is. That is it. I'm really to lazy to write anything else.

Thanks Bud, this was really kind of fun.

Me is Moe without the O


Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Hi Moe,

I'm impressed with the concern and caution you and your classmates are discussing regarding the written word. 90% of the information we take in when talking to people is body language; non-verbal.

It is really easy to insult, hurt or offend someone, completely unintentionally, when using the written word. ;-) How important are "similies" in this connection?

Jim commented over on David's blog that "words can be the most powerful weapon." I think that's true. I once heard a story about this:

One fellow, offended by what he thought another had said, spoke very disparagingly of his former friend. A month later he learned that his former friend had never said an unkind word about him. What to do? Well, appologize of course.

He went to appologize and his old friend said:

"I will forgive you only if you do two things. First take a feather pillow, tear it open and spread the feathers throughout the fields. Then come back to me."

Strange request, but OK, if that's what it takes. When he returned to find out what the second thing was his friend asked him to return to the field and gather all the feathers.

"But that's impossible!"

"Just like the words you spoke about me this past month; they can never really be taken back can they?"

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