Monday, April 18, 2005

Right...I am very annoyed.

Even though I am very happy with my new iPod mini, Apple is upsetting me. Bud informed me of a recent arcticle, and collection of mini lessons, of things you can do with an IPOD. They really do make it sound like you only can do these lessons with an iPod. These lessons are also very, very...ridiculous. Such as making songs out of mathematics to help kids learn their math better.

Thank you for reading my rants,
Moe The Student

Thursday, April 14, 2005


I suppose, like Elle had stated earlier...WE HAVE BEEN OUTTED!
If you please, Will R. has been reading our posts, and has actually responded to them. I am flattered. As Will said:
Good stuff, and it's very cool to read the way kids are thinking about the technology. Kudos to Bud for getting them started.

Kudos Bud!

Thanks for reading this pointless post,
Moe The Student

Blog class is just so rad.

So I have been looking around reading my peers blogs, and was particularly interested in what "Tyr" had to say in response to Anne Davis teaching her fifth graders about blogging:
I was instantly curious just to know when this technology would be feasible for a child to understand. Blogging has been defined as many as a 'skill' that needs refining and in some cases will need to be taught, and if this is the case, could this potentially become part of the everyday curriculum such as English or Math? Would this be an elective course like Music or P.E.? I may be misunderestimating the younger generations, but I do feel that weblogging would not be properly utilized until they have matured more. Additionally, even if it was properly described and explained, would a student at the age of ten or eleven be able to grasp the concept of how powerful 'blogging' is? I'm just throwing out ideas here, I want to know what others think.

The thougnt of an eleven year old using the internet, and blogging in such a way does seem somewhat ridiculous. Yet, I do know several young people (ages 11-13) who know html programming, and how to use the internet very well. It seems as time progresses, so does the human race. People are becoming more computer saavy at a younger age. Maybe this is, because they are introduced to computers, and technology at a younger age as well. This is only a theory, please let me know what you think.

Thank you,
Moe The Student

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Distinction Was Made Abundently Clear

I was not aware of the distinction between blogging, and online journaling. blogging teacher made it very clear yesterday. An online journal is a rant, or...a journal I guess. You record your thoughts, you express how you feel about certain things. Honestly, I am very, very confused on the difference, I thought I understood it at the time. I online journal is a place where you can keep thoughts, the exact same thoughts you could keep in a journal under your bed. You can write in it physically. And people can just comment, and tell you "Oh, I'm sorry you had a bad day."
Blogging to me, is a place where you can post your ideas, and your thoughts on certain subjects. You can show the world what you are interested in, and link to certain sites, or other blogs related to your interest. Then the really awesome part comes along...people may comment, and help make your thought process easier. They may comment and tell you, "well, here is really great site," and you will learn more, through the help of other people. Also, you can easily share your thoughts on blogs, debate your separeate opinions. In my opinion, it seems like honestly one of the greatest things to come out of technology. A community of people, sharing there thoughts and interests with other people, over the internet. I hope my thought process is making sense. If not please comment, or please comment if you can help make this line between blogging, and online journaling clearer.
Now, what you just read is my mind running at one million miles an hour. I apologize if I gave you a headache, or made you nauseous. :)
This is what the blogging class...or "Bud's Blogging Experiment," is all about. Teaching students how to further their education, through the world of blogging.

Thank You For Reading,
Moe The Student

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Superficial Bloggers Make Me Sick

Someone I know is starting to really kind of TICK ME OFF in their blog.
I talk to her on the phone, or hang out, and she complains, and rants, and talks like the real her. I think that's rad, and she is a really cool chick.
Then I read her blog, and it ticks me off. "I really am feeling not to happy today, maybe I will go for a run or practice piano." That is totally not her, I have known this girl for years, and dated her numerous times, and this is really not her. Maybe she is only putting on a show for her fellow catholic school peers. Not cool if you ask me.
1. Mostly Bud,
I use my blog to express my feelings, as you have seen, and commented on.
If I am angry, I probably use alot of profanity. It's by habit, and I apologize.
2.I think a blog at school would be useful maybe so students could ask questions about their assignments. Or teachers could post assignments on there blog, along with how they feel about it.
3. There are many potential problems with blogging at school.
People can easily say something offensive, without even knowing themselves that it is. That is it. I'm really to lazy to write anything else.

Thanks Bud, this was really kind of fun.

Me is Moe without the O